Best helmet for ladies in India (2022) Max Safety, Stylish and Under Budget Helmet Buy before it's too late

The Mumbai traffic police had issued a notice demanding pillion riders to wear helmets as well. If failed, will have to pay a heavy fine upto 4000 INR. 

If you don't wish to pay fine, then buy a new ladies helmet ASAP. To ease your work, we have created a list of best ladies helmet under budget.

While riding, the high-impact ABS construction protects you from jerks and jolts. A UV-resistant polyurethane coating is also provided for maximum protection from damaging UV rays.

Vega Atom Pink Helmet

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Steelbird is one of the top helmet brands for women due to its quick-release chinstrap mechanism, which offers maximum safety. 

Steelbird SBH-20 Zip Reflective Open Face Helmet

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This helmet from Vega is lightweight, comfortable to wear and provide appropriate headspace. The foamy interior functions as a great shock absorber.

Vega Verve open-face helmet

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This helmet provides optimal all-around head protection with the help of Regulated Density EPS and also has Aerodynamic design that helps reduce drag, thereby reducing neck strain.

Studds FEMM Open Face Helmet

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Ladies Helmet

Ladies helmet should be open-face helmets which will give maximum comfort to women.

Which type of helmet is best for women?

Open-face helmets are best if you are riding a scooty. It will give you maximum comfort.

Which helmet is best for Scooty?

Placing a flexible tape measure around your head is a good idea. The tape measure should be about an inch above your brows and go just over your ears around your head.

How do you determine a woman's helmet size?

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