Best ECO Friendly Yoga Mats

In this article, we are going to talk about yoga mats. We will share a list of the best eco friendly yoga mats which are available in India as of 2021. Let's dig in...

The mats which are specially fabricated which helps prevent the slipping of hands and feet while performing asana in modern times are termed as yoga mats.

The yoga mats are made up of materials like rubber, plastic etc. they might also contain materials like cork and hessian.

None of the materials used were eco-friendly means they harm our environment. The first mat which was commercially produced was sticky in nature and was made from PVC. The mats were really cheap in price and also had a smooth surface.

The production of yoga mats which were environment friendly, also known as eco -friendly were then made from materials like organic cotton, organic rubber and also natural jute.

The mats which were made from PVC were quite spongy in nature which resulted in more “give” when they were stepped upon. On the other side, fiber mats made from materials such as cotton and jute were very firm.

An eco-friendly yoga mat means that it is made from materials that are completely natural and they are easily bio-degradable in nature. 

Also, since the mats made from natural cotton and jute are very firm, you can easily practice all the different, difficult positions with the help of perfect angles.

Now, there are many brands that have come up with the concept of eco -friendly aka nature-friendly yoga mats. 

Some of the brands are Manduka and jade yoga. Yet, our country was far from a completely natural, innovative yoga mat, which was also grown in our country.

Exactly then, a Chennai resident came up with the concept of Juru mats, which filled all the boxes and then some more.

5 Best Eco-friendly yoga mats in India

Let's take a look on mats brands first:

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1. Boltt Anti-Slip Yoga Mat For Gym Workout And Flooring Exercise

BOLT Anti-Slip Yoga Mat

Boltt Fit Yoga Mat is made with non-toxic EVA, recyclable TPE. Extra thick, non-slip design is for optimal balance and grounding during your practice.

Boltt is one of the brands dealing in eco mats which has gained a lot of reputation for good. Their brand is much reputed because not only of its long-lasting, durable features but it uses sustainably harvested tree rubber for the manufacturing of yoga mats.

The agents used for foaming are not at all toxic in nature. This means that they are not made using toxic chemicals in order to soften the rubber. They provide various options to its customers when it comes to thickness and designs.

2. ASE Yoga India Organic And Eco Friendly Cotton Yoga Mat

ASE Yoga India Organic and Eco Friendly Cotton Yoga Mat

ASE Yoga India Yoga Mat is made of 100% cotton yarn. It's made of handloom by specialised weavers of their full determination. It's a sweat-absorbent product. It can be rolled and carry easily. It is a fully washable item.

ASE yoga mats are made in a highly sustainable manner with natural rubber tapped from rubber trees, a renewable resource (unlike petroleum). 

None of their mats contain PVC, or other synthetic rubber. They are made in the India product compliance with all Indian environmental, labor, and consumer protection laws. ASE Yoga India yoga mats are truly ECO friendly yoga mats.

3. Vifikit Yoga Mat Anti Skid EVA Yoga Mat

VIFITKIT Yoga Mat Anti Skid EVA Yoga mat

Vifitkit Yoga Mat Anti Skid EVA Yoga Mat is designed to give you the most comfortable yoga experience possible. The EVA material is extremely durable and eco friendly. It lasts up to 5 times more than a regular plasticky mat! The material is biodegradable and free from PVC, silicon, latex and other toxic materials.

Vifikit is yet another Indian brand dealing in eco friendly yoga mats. Their mats are completely eco-friendly, odourless, sweat-absorbent, waterproof, anti-skid and even non slipy.

Vifikit yoga mats are very light in weight, they are recyclable, also they are UV resistant( meaning: they don’t break down in the sun.) they are also completely chloride and PVC free.

4. Homerz Premium Printed Designer Anti Skid Yoga Mat With Floral Design

Homerz Premium Printed Designer Anti Skid Yoga Mat With Floral Design

Homerz Anti Skid Yoga mat is PVC free yoga mat made up of high-quality EVA foam. This Yoga mat has HD White Floral Design on Blue Base which gives it an attractive look.

Homerz yoga mats are amazingly durable along with pleasant surfaces to practice your yoga asanas.

The composition of the mat has rubber which helps to grip the floor from the underside.  On the top, it has a mixture of rubber fabric which helps to absorb heavy sweat as well.

One of the USP of Homerz yoga mats is their beautiful Floral design. The yoga mats look very beautiful and attractive.

5. Prarabdh Non Slip High Density Yoga Mat

Prarabdh Non Slip High Density Yoga Mat

Prarabdh Non Slip High Density Yoga Mat in made of high quality soft yoga mat. This Mat belongs to the double sided non slip surfaces wherein one can perform any exercise or can hold any yoga posture for long

The commitment of the brand is sustainable healthy living which also makes them believe in their offerings of yoga mats which are eco-friendly in nature.

So basically, Prarabdh makes yoga mats that are made from materials that are eco friendly and doesn’t harm the environment.

Also, their mats prevent germs to absorb in the mat because the construction of the mat is a closed-cell. The yoga mat’s surface is made with natural anti-slip properties which would help you to be rooted in your yoga pose.

Frequently Asked Questions related to ECO friendly yoga mats

According to me, all the yoga mats mentioned above are a good option if you are looking to purchase an eco friendly yoga mat at an affordable price. My personal favourite is Boltt Fit Yoga Mat.

Since rubber tapping does not require a tree to be cut down, it’s a sustainable practice, and rubber mats are made without any plasticizers or additives, making them biodegradable yoga mats.

The answer to this question is pretty simple. Any mat which is safe made from materials that are safe for the environment, which is not toxic in nature makes a it eco-friendly.

An example of this is yoga mats which are made from “polymer environmental resin” (PER). The manufacturer promises that this material is phthalate-free and which also makes it bio-degradable. 

But we also cannot ignore the fact that PER is still PVC which just replaces phthalates with some other plasticizers.

The best thickness according to me would be 8mm. This would be best for supporting your back while practising inversions, your core work, and would also help you during the asana which digs your bones into the ground


Apart from practising yoga every day, there’s something else, which is having a good yoga mat. If you have a good yoga mat you wouldn’t punish your elbows, knees, and back while practising asanas.

Even if you are not a regular practiser of yoga, like even if you are a beginner in yoga you should surely go for an eco friendly yoga mat.

You have so many eco friendly yoga mats as options in the market. I wouldn’t at all suggest for you to go for a cheap plastic mat.

You should be extremely mindful while you shop for the yoga mat. If you choose an eco friendly mat, a mat that wouldn’t actually harm the environment, this way you can practice yoga off the mat as well.

I am sure you all have your favorite eco friendly yoga mat brands. I would love to read your suggestions, so do comment down your favorites.

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