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In this article, we will talk about an appliance that will help you relax after a long and tiring week. The product is full body massager machine. We will share a list of 9 best full body massager machine in India which are under budget. Let's dig in...

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Imagine, getting a full body massage after a hectic workweek or a long day at work! Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? The word massage itself sounds expensive. Rather you choose to go to a spa or you decide to call a massager at your place. Either of them is going to cost you a fortune.

So how about getting your body massaged in the comfort of your home itself? Sounds both- economic and convenient.

A body massage machine will help you to not only relieve stress and pain but will also help you feel fresh and active like never before. These body massage machines come in various designs, sizes, attachments, and configurations. They serve multiple purposes.

There are various benefits of using a body massager. It’s not possible to jot them all but I have listed some of them down.

Benefits of using a full Body Massager Machine

10 Best Full Body Massager Brands In India

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  1. Caresmith Charge Cordless Massage Gun

Caresmith CHARGE Cordless Massage Gun

Caresmith charge cordless massage gun is a massager that uses scientifically calibrated advanced percussion therapy to heal your pains and aches. It also helps with muscles soreness and stiffness.

  • Easy to use, very lightweight just 800 gms, and has a 12.6V, 24W High Torque powerful motor that generates 3300 strokes in a minute.
  • Can be excellent for areas like arms, abdomen, thighs, shoulders, and so on.
  • 6 interchangeable attached heads that target different areas and provide deep tissue treatment.
  • The built-in LCD indicator will assist you with the variation and intensity of speed.
  • Charge the massager fully, and enjoy a cordless, effortless massage session for upto 5 hours as it has a huge battery capacity of 2500 mAH..

You can get this massage gun that is as light as a feather and comes with excellent features without any hesitation.

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  1. Dr. Physio Electric Full Body Massager

Dr Physio Electric Full Body Massager

Dr. Physio electric full body massager comes with an ergonomic handle that helps to enable vigorous deep tissues that are targeted to massage various body parts such as your neck, back, shoulders, buttocks, and toes.

  • This massager comes with 4 changeable massager heads for customized massage: wave massage, dead skin removal head, scraping and rolling. You can enjoy any massage according to your choice. These massage heads deliver such deep tissue massage that relieves pain naturally.
  • These massagers produce light vibrations that will improve blood circulation in your body and will make you feel more energized with every massage.
  • If you are planning to go on a vacation/holiday, you can carry this massager with you since it’s very light in weight and is super portable. You can easily fit this into your travel bag or your handbag.
  • Who doesn’t like getting a massage? This massager can prove to be an excellent option for gifting purposes.
This body massager can be a great choice to relieve stress, anxiety. It will also help you cure your sole muscles, will help you with chronic pain, knots tension, sports injuries, and much more. 

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  1. Lifelong Corded Electric Handheld Full Body Massager

Lifelong Corded Electric

This lifelong corded LL27 electric handled is a full body massager that helps you relax pain in your body. It comes in a beautiful brown colour.

  • Helps to release pain in various parts of the body such as your thighs, hips, buttocks, stomach, and even chest and will also help with firmness.
  • This body massage machine comes with 3 changeable massage heads, with variable speed settings. These speed settings provide different massage effects with different speeds.
  • Will help you with a fat cut that will result in weight loss.
  • Comes with a 1-year brand warranty.

If you are looking for a full-body massager that has an ergonomic design and comes with several features that include weight loss this might be a perfect fit.

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  1. HealthSense Toner-Pro HM 210 Electric Handheld Full Body Massager

HealthSense Toner-Pro HM 210 Electric Handheld Full Body Massager

HealthSense electric handled full body massager is an excellent massager for pain and muscle toning areas. Comes in a spectacular royal grey colour.

  • For an uninterrupted massage session, you can use the speed regulation knob that helps you to set the desired intensity.
  • Multiple attached heads for numerous uses. There are four heads, the first is flat head which is used for toning of the muscle. The second is wavy head that can be helpful with acupuncture. Third is ball head which is used with oils for massage and last is microfibre head which is used for dead skin exfoliation.
  • The massager has a powerful, copper motor that gives you a super-efficient massage.
  • Made up of premium quality ABS plastic.
  • Has an ergonomic handle that has a non-slippery grip hence making it super easy and comfortable to use.
  • LED lights in the massager stimulate the blood flow in your body and it also boosts anti-aging activity.
If you are looking for an all-in-one body massager that is handy, durable, heat-resistant and of course, a quality massager (since this massager comes with a 1-year warranty) buy this one right away!
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  1. Agaro Relaxo Electric Full Body Massager

AGARO Relaxo Electric Handheld Full Body Massager

Agaro Relaxo electric handheld body massager is a very good massager that comes with 8 massage heads with 5 different modes and 6 different speed setting options.

  • The massager has a protective cloth mesh cover that helps to avoid the tangling of body hair during the massage.
  • Can be handheld and has a compact design.
  • Gives you a holistic body massage experience as it has 8 detachable massage heads.
  • The percussion technology treats the pressure points effectively and gives you a feeling of immense relaxation via deep tissue stimulation.
  • Very effective for pains in your back, foot, and legs as well.

This user-friendly massager with multiple functions can be a great option for you to go ahead with. The massager also comes with a year-long manufacturer’s warranty.

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  1. Lifelong LLM225 Full Body Massager

Lifelong LLM225 Rechargeable Head, Scalp and Full Body Pain Relief Massager

This massager of Lifelong LLM225 is a full-body massager that has a rechargeable head. It can even be used for your scalp and can be used for pain relief all over your body.

  • Helps you with deep scalp massage which in turn leads to improved and increased blood circulation within the scalp. This massage also boosts hair growth, releases any kind of stress, and helps you relax.
  • The one button on the massager serves multiple purposes.
  • Scalp massager heads are made using food-grade silica gel that is extremely gentle for your skin.
  • Comes with a one-year-long warranty and if you register on the manufacturer’s website within 15 days of your purchase, you can even leap the benefit of an extended 6-month warranty.

Once fully charged, enjoy cordless, relaxing massage wherever you go. Also, the massager is pretty lightweight and is very easy to use, and portable too. Go get yours now!

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  1. Agaro Atom Electric Full Body Massager

AGARO Atom Electric Handheld Full Body Massager e1641995473432

Agaro Atom is an Electric handled full body massager that comes with several features and also comes with a 1-year brand warranty.

  • Comes with a cloth cover that avoids tangling body hair during massage sessions.
  • Comes with an electric handle and is designed in a way to help you relax from pain via deep tissue stimulation.
  • Has a compact design, speed can be controlled with help of a control knob.
  • Can be used for pain relief at several parts of your body like your legs, calves, abdomen, waist, and shoulders.

This durable, pocket-friendly all-rounder massager can be a perfect choice for you to purchase.

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  1. Dr Physio Rechargeable Wand Cordless Eva Massager Machine

Dr Physio Rechargeable Personal Body Wand Cordless Eva Massager Machine with 28 Vibration Modes

Dr physio rechargeable body massager is a cordless Eva massager that has 28 different vibration modes and is water-resistant. Comes in sparkling black color.

  • Comes with a soft bendable silicone head that will help you relax your feet, neck, shoulder, and legs as well.
  • Since it’s water-resistant, you can easily use this while bathing or during your time of shower.
  • Comes with 28 high-performance different vibration modes, also has 8 variations for the speed of the massage hence giving you a completely heavenly yet customized massage session.
  • Very light in weight, has a quite compact design, and is easy to operate. Since it’s rechargeable, the charger is USB chargeable and also has a USB port along with a plug-in power cord.
A lightweight, durable, cordless, and portable full-body massager that will give you a hands-on experience of massage therapy.
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  1. Weltime Stylish Full Body Massager

Weltime Stylish Relex Body Massager full body massager for pain relief Very Powerful Full Body Massage

Weltime body massager is a very stylish and efficient full-body massager. It effectively treats and relieves the pain from various body parts. It very well treats the arms, buttocks, calves, legs, and so on.

  • Works for pressure points are helpful for fat burning and help in losing weight.
  • The beating function of the massager is strong and vigorous
  • Fatigue and ache could be cured with the help of close massage
  • Three different attached massage heads target different muscle groups.
  • This massager could also be used as a face and a neck massager.
This massager can be a great option as it has so many features to make your life easier and will also give you a nice massage session experience.
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  1. GHK H23 Full Body Massager

GHK H23 Relax Spin Tone Handheld Body Massager

GHK H23 is one of the cheapest full body massager that helps you to relieve pain from the waist, neck, abdomen, hips, and so on.

  • It has unique rapid rotations, helps you with different types of massage, and takes away your aches and pains in a few minutes.
  • Capable of making your exercise and helping you relax at the same time.
  • The ergonomic handle helps you to massage the difficult inaccessible parts of your body easily and effectively.
  • Is durable, non-slippery also comes with a long cord.
  • Comes with a half-yearly warranty.
Use this massager for pain relief and say goodbye to all aches. Happy massaging!
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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Body Massager

Massages always prove to be beneficial. They have several benefits. Some of them are even mentioned above. The main benefit of massages is that, they improve overall blood circulation and also increase the flow of oxygen in your body.

Massages help to reduce tension, stress and anxiety. Massagers could be used every day for a gentle massage every day for a few minutes. A few minutes of gentle massage everyday can make more difference than a massage for an hour in every few weeks.

Bruising and tenderness are some of the common issues faced after massage. These problems occur when the pressure applied was either for a longer duration or when the pressure was firm.


A good massage session can help you get rid of tensions, stress and anxiety. They also help you maintain blood pressure.

There are several full body massagers available in the market but I have listed 10 of the best full body massagers in India.

You can choose any of the above-mentioned massager machine and you wouldn’t regret buying any of them. Go, get yourself a massager and say good-bye to all the tensions and aches.

In case of any questions, feel free to use the comment section.

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