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In this article, we are going to talk about one of the necessary product in today's work from home era and the product is laptop cleaning kit. We will share a list of 5 best laptop cleaning kits available in India. Let's dig in...

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We tend to use our phones, laptops, our desktops, our tablets, and so many screened devices on a daily basis, don’t we? Especially, in these times of the covid-19, all of us are stuck at home with our devices.

What do we do? For work, we need our laptops, for any kind of other documentation work, we need our tablets or our mobile phones. Even for the purpose of entertainment, we need our laptops, mobiles, and desktops.

Now what happens is when we tend to use our laptops, desktops, mobile phones for several hours a day imagine the number of germs and dust collected on them. It’s huge!

You guys have no idea how bad it is to keep using our devices without cleaning them.  Read this article at Healthline to know more.

Since we are going to take care of the people who work at home in these times of pandemic, whose eyes are glued to the screen for 7-8 hours at least, we’ll focus on the best laptop cleaning kits here.

So read this article till the end and I will make sure you have a clear picture about which cleaning kit to buy for your laptops.

Now when we talk about cleaning kit, cleaning kits contains mainly a solution, a brush, a mud gel, a vacuum cleaner, an air pump cleaner and a microfiber cloth off course.

Now don’t get confused, I am going to explain to you people the uses of these materials to clean your laptop.

What's In A Laptop Cleaning Kit ?

Now the first material used in a laptop cleaning kit is a solution. Make sure the solution which you use has to be device-friendly.

Obviously, also make sure it doesn’t affect the texture of a mobile phone or your laptop in absolutely any way.

When you use a solution what happens is that it removes any kind of smudges or fingerprints that are present on the screen.

Everybody loves to smell a good fragrance, so make sure to choose a solution that has a nice fragrance.

The next important element in a laptop cleaning kit is the brush. Choose the brush which has extremely soft and long bristles.

So that it can reach all the inaccessible nooks, some corners of your keyboard, and your speakers which will make your cleaning easier.

The next important part of a laptop cleaning kit is a mud gel. A mud gel when kept on a printer or a keyboard or on your mobile phone will absorb any kind of germs and dust.

You can use the mud gel unless its color changes to a darker shade, which will make it long-lasting.

The next and the last material used in a laptop cleaning kit is a air pump cleaner. It helps to wash out small dust particles by blowing air. It is very easy to use and a helpful tool.

Next in the line is a microfiber cloth. A microfiber cloth is used to clean any kind of dust on the laptop efficiently, so that’s a must.

5 Best Best Laptop Cleaning Kits In India

Average User Rating
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Tech Armor
4.6 / 5
4.5 / 5
Live Tech
4.3 / 5
4.1 / 5
4 / 5

1. Tech Armor Complete Cleaning Kit

Tech Armor Complete Cleaning Kit

Tech Armor laptop cleaning kit (pro version) use tech clean purify go products for maximum care of laptops, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices!

This cleaner kit includes two bottles of tech clean gel screen cleaner that is water-based in nature. It also has 20 packed double strength screen wipes that are pre-moistened. The kit also includes two microfiber polishing cloths.

The cleaning formula is 100 ammonia and it is completely alcohol-free. This kit guarantees you that your LCD, LED retina, and all your screens are protected against any kind of damage.

The ready-to-use wipes in this kit are designed for people who are always in a hurry. These wipes eliminate dust, fingerprints, smudge. Also, the microfiber cloth pulls the grease and stubborn dirt away from your screens.

This cleaning kit is safe for maximum care. It takes care of your tablets, portable gaming devices, camera lenses, keyboards, and all the devices that you use daily. Just simply wiping down will restore the clarity of the screen.

Cleaning your devices will help you work more productively. If you use this regularly, it will leave a lasting clear coat on your devices that will reduce static buildup and will also reduce microscopic germs. It’s one of the best cleanings in India.

While you use the spray on the microfiber cloth, wipe the screen gently and try avoiding mixing it with any other kind of chemicals.

While you are using the kit, do not spray them near your eyes, your eyes might be irritated. If you accidentally swallow, you should contact the local poison control medical center immediately.

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2. Whoosh! Award-Winning Screen Cleaner

Woosh! laptop cleaning kit.

Whoosh! Laptop screen cleaner is a powerful, non-toxic screen cleaner spray that cleans and polishes all screens, from smartphones to consumer electronics..

This Whoosh! cleaner kit is an award-winning product. It is known to sanitize the screens of your gadgets and screens and is bound to give that shiny look to your screens.

It will protect your device’s screen from dust or any kind of germs. This cleaning kit includes a bottle of cleaning solution, one of the best microfiber cleaning cloth, a spray cleaner. The cleaning solution is non-toxic in nature.

Also, the spray cleaner is made using plant-based ingredients. The material in this kit is alcohol-free, they are also haze-free, they are steak-free and they do not leave any harmful residue after its application on your gadgets.

The products in this kit are also odorless. The microfiber cloth in this kit is extremely soft which ensures complete protection of your devices while cleaning and sanitizing them. The microfiber cloth can be washed and reused up to 40 times.

I would like to recommend this cleaning kit for office use, home use since it provides full has a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic screen coating.

This cleaning kit is also very easy to use since all you have to do is use the cleaning solution with the micro-fiber cloth and just gently rub the screen. 

You can use the dry section of the cloth to make your screen look shinier. The cleaning kit weighs 7.8 ounces which makes it easier to carry it, you can also keep it in your car.

This premium cleaning kit ensures to make your screen 99.99% free of germs and dust.

The cleaning kit comes in leak-free bottles. Do use this out to make your look devices brand new.

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3. Live Tech CK01 Pro Cleaning Kit

Live Tech CK01 Pro Cleaning Kit

Live Tech CK01 Pro Cleaning Kit has advance sterile liquid which helps to keep your electronic devices, lenses and screens dirt-free and clear.

This kit is generally ideal for cleaning up your laptop and phone screens. This kit includes an advance sterile liquid, a micro-fiber cloth and an anti-static brush.

The solution removes dirt, dust, and stubborn stains from your devices without compromising the surface quality.

This solution is also ammonia and alcohol-free. The screens with non-glare can also be cleaned using this solution. The cloth is made up of microfiber and it’s very soft and gentle. The soft cloth will prevent your screen from any scratches.

A good thing about this kit is that after its application it will prevent static charges that will make the screen dust repellent.

The wipes are handy and will help you clean your phone, laptop, tablet as these wipes are pre-moistened. This container’s pop-up design makes it easy for you to clean your devices even when you are in a hurry.

All you need to do is grab a piece and sanitize your device. It will make your screen streak-free and will make your device ready for work.

Giving your devices a regular cleaning makes them clean and safe. The only way you can protect your phones, devices from viruses, germs, stains are by cleaning them.

So make sure you make cleaning your devices a regular habit. Let cleaning of your devices be added to your daily routines.

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4. Lapcare Screen Cleaning Kit

Lapcare screen cleaning kit

The Lapcare screen cleaning kit comes with five crucial units to let you keep your electronic gadgets and peripheral as good as new.

The next cleaning kit is specially designed for Apple devices. It is designed to clean, sanitize and it protects all apple displays, various touch displays, flat displays, and also oleophobic coated surfaces.

This kit is ideal for heavy-duty and helps in cleaning your workstation apple devices, also helps you clean apple devices at your home. This kit is all you need if you wish to keep your Apple devices clean and sanitized.

You can get extreme peace of mind while cleaning the exteriors of your apple gadgets since this kit is made up of ammonia lauryl sulfate and it’s also completely alcohol-free.

The cleaning solution of this liquid is very gentle, it doesn’t damage your laptop screen, it’s also non-flammable, and is also non-toxic in nature. This liquid can be considered as one of the best laptop screen liquids or you can also call it one of the best cleaning liquids.

The formula of the cleaning liquid is unique and also the combination of DMT cloth with it makes it unique.

This unique pair helps you to remove all stubborn dirt smudges and also fingerprints. This kit is used by apple care itself and is recommended by them.

They state that each application leaves the display with an anti-static finish which reduces oily fingerprints.

It also reduces the attraction of dust particles and germs towards your devices. The dry-wet-packed pouch is easily ready to use whenever you feel like cleaning it, these pouches will help you.

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5. Gizga Essentials Professional Cleaning Kit

Gizga Essentials Professional Cleaning Kit

Gizga Essentials Professional cleaning kit is composed of carefully selected tools and materials to safely and effectively clean your laptop screen and any other delicate optics.

Gizga cleaning kit is safe for cleaning your electronics, your computer screens, televisions, cameras, laptops, and also DVDs.

Regular cleaning of the devices at your home has to be done in order to maintain the health of your electronic device as well as your health from germs and viruses attached to your electronic device.

The combo kit resolves the constant cleaning issue. It cleanses and sanitizes your devices without damaging the protective coating of the screens.

The cleaning solution of this kit is formulated to lessen the static electricity. It attracts the dust. It has the best laptop screen cleaner.

This kit is also alcohol-free and it reduces the potential damage and scratches during the application. It has a drip-resistant glass cleaner that keeps your delicate electronic gadgets safe and clean.

This kit comes with a microfiber cloth which effectively removes the dirt, fingerprints, and grime. After cleaning polish the screen with a dry cloth so that maximum brightness is achieved.

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Frequently Asked Questions related to

I have mentioned about five laptop cleaning kits above. All of them in my suggestion are good. You can choose any of them. You won’t regret buying any one of them.

If you are not using a cleaning kit, you can use plain distilled water which has no chemicals and should be gentle on the screen.

If you think your screen needs a heavier cleaning mix vinegar and distilled water in equal proportion. Make sure you use only plain vinegar and not any other type of vinegar.

The cleaning kit comes with a solution and micro-fiber cloth/wipes. You can pour a little solution on the wipes and gently clean your screen.


By this time, you would surely have a clear picture of how important screen cleaning kits are. Though I have mention laptop cleaning kits, these kits can work on any devices like mobile, television, computer and even smart bands and watches.

In this pandemic situation, it is very important to keep sanitizing your belongings. These cleaning kits will not only remove the dust but will also sanitize your devices.

I hope this article on the best laptop cleaning kits helped you. If you have any suggestions then do comment down.  I would love to read your suggestion. 


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