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In this article, I am going to talk about smartwatches. Check out my list of the best smartwatches under 5000 INR in India.

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I know smartwatches come with a stigma that only the rich can afford it, but thanks to some amazing brands who have come up with awesome pocket-friendly smartwatches.

Gone is the time when people used to rely on traditional and digital analogue watches.

Smartwatches have tons of good features and because of their multi-functionality, they have a huge demand in the Indian market.

Smartwatches also come at an affordable price now, which also adds up to their demand. For good quality products, it doesn’t always mean that you have to spend tons on them. 

You can easily get a smartwatch at an affordable price. So looking at the affordability, I have come up with 10 best smartwatches under 5000 INR.

Now unless you want an experience like an apple watch, you won’t be disappointed to use any of the smartwatches stated below. 

So, if you are planning to buy a smartwatch in the near future, you need to check the color availability, its connectivity, water resistance, and all the relevant features. After checking all these you can go for buying a smartwatch.

3 Features Of Smartwatches

The first and foremost feature of below smartwatches is that you can customize the watch face. Now once can select the face which he/she likes the most. A new watch face everyday.

All the smartwatches comprises the features of smart fitness bands. You can track your daily steps, the calories you burn, your heart rate and in few watches you can even track your blood pressure level.

Smartwatches looks super cool, if campared with smart bands, the look and feel of a smartwatch is very attractive. One, who has the habbit of wearing a watch can be benefited. You will get to wear a watch which will have all the features of a smart fitness band.

There are a lot of benefits of having a smartwatch. So next time you wish to purchase a fitness band, think about purchasing a smartwatch.

Now let us discuss few smartwatches and do not worry, they are extremely pocket friendly. I am sharing the list of best smartwatch under 5000 INR.

10 Best Smartwatch Under 5000 INR

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1. Noise ColorFit Pro 3

Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Smart Watch

Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Smartwatch features TruView TM Display with 1.55 HD touch screen, customisable & cloud-based watch faces, health-oriented features like 24/7 heart rate monitor, blood oxygen monitor, stress monitor with guided breathing sessions, and more.

So this smartwatch from Noise comes in a variety of colors, my personal favorite is the black pitch color.  It has a large 1.55-inch TruView HD display with touch screen.

The battery life of this watch is also decent, once charged fully, the battery lasts up to 10 days.

One unique feature about this smartwatch is that you get 24*7 customer support. You also get a warranty of a year.

The water resistance capacity of this watch is also great, it has 5 ATM water resistance. The watch has 14 sport modes accompanied by Bluetooth v5.0. 

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2. Realme Watch S

Realme Watch S

Realme Watch S Smartwatch is equipped with a large color touchscreen that adapts its brightness to the surroundings, giving you a comfortable viewing experience both indoors and outdoors.

So this smartwatch from Realme has a large 1.55’ HD display. The screen has a bezel around it which gives it a classic look.

The brightness has around 500 nits which gives you a clear display even in presence of sunlight.

It has a stress monitor which again makes it unique accompanied by an oxygen monitor and also a heart rate monitor.

You can easily dive into the water wearing this watch as it has 5ATM water resistance which is equal to 50m depth. It is extremely lightweight it weighs around 48 grams and it comes with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

This smartwatch comes in a sleek design and it has a display that is thin and has a small bezel.

The silicone strap of this watch with a glossy finishing makes it look modern. The watch is covered by gorilla glass 3.

The straps are easily replicable. The battery life of this watch is also quite impressive.

With typical usage, the watch offers a backup of 15 days which makes it one of the best smartwatches to use.

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3. Noise Colorfit Pro 2

Noise Colorfit pro 2

Noise ColorFit Pro 2 Smartwatch has much better health and activity tracking, 9 sports modes, and all the smartwatch features you can think of, from a call, text, and social media notifications to music control on your smartphone.

This smartwatch from Noise comes with a unique feature of dedicated menstrual cycle tracking.

The screen measures 1.4’ ( captative touch screen). It is rated as IP68 which makes you carry it carefreely.

It has a battery life of 10 days once fully charged. It weighs 35 grams. It has 9 sport modes along with Bluetooth v5.0.

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4. Soundpeats Smartwatch

Soundpeats smartwatch

Soundpeats Smartwatch has is an IP68 waterproof fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor, suitable for various sports. It is also a multi-functional smartwatch, compatible with Android 4.4 & ios 8.0 and above phones.

This watch comes with a unique square face. It is accompanied by a black silicone strap.

The screen measures 1.4’ (touch screen). It is rated as IP68 which makes you carry it carefreely.

It has a battery life of 10 days once fully charged. It weighs 54 grams. It has 12 sport modes along with Bluetooth v5.0.

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5. Huami Amazfit Bip S

Amazfit Bip S Smart Watch

Huami Amazfit Bip S Smartwatch is designed to be more powerful than the previous generation, thanks to the revolutionary design of the smartwatch materials and manufacturing process while remaining ultra-lightweight.

This smartwatch from Huami comes in a display of 1.28 inches that is protected by gorilla glass.

This watch supports GPS accompanied by 10 different sports modes. You will be amazed by its battery life, it lasts upto 15 days.

Its water resistance capacity is also like no other, it has 5ATM water resistance thus making it one of the best smartwatches under this category of smartwatch under 5000.

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6. NoiseFit Evolve

NoiseFit Evolve

Noisefit Evolve Smartwatch is the first active smartwatch from Noise with a brilliant circular AMOLED display. Watchfaces look better on the round display and notifications are easier to read on the bright, 1.2" screen.

This smartwatch from Noise has a great AMOLED display and has a body made up of an aluminum alloy body.

This watch supports 9 different sport modes and has an advanced heart rate monitor.

The battery of this watch lasts upto 10 days. It has an IP68 certification. It supports Bluetooth 5.0.

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7. Realme Fashion Watch

Realme Fashion smartwatch

Realme Fashion Smartwatch has a large 1.4 inch touchscreen. This smartwatch will help you keep track of your fitness endeavours with its set of features such as heart rate monitor, 14 sports modes, and blood oxygen level monitor.

This smartwatch from Realme comes with a 1.4 inch HD touch screen display.

It has 12 built-in watch faces and over 100 watch faces can be downloaded via OTA and this watch has a battery life of upto 10 days.

You can control your camera or music with the help of this smartwatch and just like other watches, this smartwatch is also  IP68 water resistance.

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8. Amazfit Bip U

Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch

Amazfit Bip U Smartwatch has a large color screen and 50+ watch faces, you can see information important to you at a glance and in tremendous clarity.

This watch from Huami has a beautiful design with an anti-reflective screen.

It measures 1.43 inch. the watch also has a gorilla glass 3 protection accompanied by an anti-fingerprint coating which gives the user an immersive experience.

This smartwatch has a battery life upto 9 days and is equipped with 60 plus sports mode.

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9. GOQii Smartwatch

GOQii Smartwatch

GOQii Smartwatch is better than a smartwatch and all-in-one activity tracker and fitness band with smart device features, all in a sleek, stylish package that doesn’t look out of place even on slim wrists.

GOQii Smartwatch is approved as a registered medical device by Central Drugs and Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) and is certified under 3 grades by International Organization for Standardization (ISO). 

This smartwatch from GOQii has a 1.3 inch touch screen display and a battery life upto 7 days. Unlike other smartwatches, this smartwatch is also water and dust resistent.

One of the unique feature of this smartwatch is that you get a personal coach and doctor free for the 3 months, after that you have to pay if you want to continue the subscription.

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10. Fire Boltt Smartwatch

Fire Boltt Smartwatch

Fire Boltt Smartwatch has a full touch HD display, optical heart rate monitor, and IPX6 waterproof rating make this smartwatch an ideal device for timekeeping as well as health tracking.

Fire Boltt comes in a large 1.4inch 2.5D curve display that produces good colors. The maximum brightness on the smartwatch is decent and is also legible outdoors.

The watch has a battery life upto 8 days and weights around 80 gm and has several sports mode tracking option.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Smartwatches

I have given you a list of like 10 smartwatches and I have explained the features of each watch in detail.

I have also mentioned the pros and cons of each watch. You can choose any of them.

If you ask my opninion, than I would suggest Amazefit and Realme. These 2 brands offers the best smartwatch under 5000 INR.

Again, I have mentioned all the smartwatches that are priced below 5000 INR.  So, that can be your decision.

But I would suggest don’t go for any smartwatch that is cheaper, because then the features wouldn’t be up to the mark.


I hope this article on the best smartwatch under 5000 INR helped you. If you have any suggestions then do comment down.  I would love to read your suggestions.

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