Best Wooden Combs For Hair Growth

In this article, we are going to talk about wooden combs. We will be sharing the best wooden combs for hair growth. Let's dig in...

Hair, an important part of all of us. Whether you are male or female we all are very conscious about our hair.

Is only the outer looking of the hair important? Hell no, the answer is no. For all of us to be healthy, we need to take care of each and every part of our body ( internally and externally).

Now when we talk about hair,  for healthy hair is only oiling, shampooing enough? No, taking good care of our scalp is also important. In this article, we are going to talk about combs.

To be more specific we are going to talk about some best wooden hair combs for hair growth.

Wooden combs are popular because of a reason, it encourages hair growth. the myth that wooden combs help in hair growth is because it spreads all the natural oils from the scalp and it also triggers hair follicles.

Now apart from these combs encouraging hair growth, there are many other benefits as well. some of them are mentioned below:

Benefits of Using Wooden Comb

Using wooden combs helps in preventing hair loss and also helps with breakage.

Wooden combs are carbon-based, just like our hair, skin, and scalp.

Since both hair and wood have a negative electrical charge, a wooden comb helps hair unfold and makes it look smooth and shiny.

And because wood is a natural material, it is unlikely to stimulate allergies or skin conditions that the use of plastic and metal combs can aggravate.

Dandruff occurs due to scalp irritation. Smoother and rounder teeth of a wooden comb will not dent or cut the scalp or ill-distribute oils to the scalp, so there will be less chance of dandruff.
Wooden combs are very strong and durable, often made from bamboo, which is highly renewable. The wooden teeth rarely break and are recyclable if ever damaged

As you gently comb your hair with wooden comb, dirt and foreign particles are removed from the hair.

Where as the plastic combs with their high static charge, allows dirt to stick.

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7 Best Wooden Combs For Hair Growth

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1. Onedor Handmade 100% Natural Green Sandalwood Hair Combs

Onedor Handmade 100% Natural Green Sandalwood Hair Combs - Anti-Static

Onedor handmade 100% natural green sandalwood hair combs - anti-static sandalwood scent natural hair detangler wooden comb (wide tooth & fine tooth hair combs).

Now since we’re talking about wooden combs, the first comb we are going to talk about is made up of natural sandalwood.

The wood used is called green sandalwood which is somehow not related to hair growth. according to research, we get to know that sandalwood promotes new hair growth.

This comb comes in a decent size and is also very easy to hold. Man, woman or children, anyone can use this wooden comb.

This comb from Onedor relieves any kind of scalp tension which promotes hair growth. This also allows the scalp to breathe.

This comb will also help you in minimizing tangles and will also reduce split ends while it detangles your tresses.

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2. Breezelike Wide Tooth Wood Comb

Breezelike Wide Tooth Wood Comb

Breezelike hair comb for detangling - wide tooth wood comb for curly hair - no static natural wooden sandalwood comb.

As the name rightly suggests the experience with this comb is not like any other. The grip of the handle of the comb makes sure that the comb will run smoothly through either man or women’s hair, also with any texture.

The sandalwood tooth massage the scalp leaving the person’s hair smooth, silky and also makes it tangle-free. I can say that this is probably the best wooden comb for your hair growth. it works with any texture of hair.

This comb also naturally works for any wavy hair providing a snag and also gives you a journey of break-free hair.

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3. The Body Shop Detangling Comb

The Body Shop Detangling Comb

The body shop detangling comb - effortlessly detangle wet or dry hair, with our wide-toothed comb. The perfect tool for distributing product through your hair with ease.

We all put on hair masks and we always fail to find a perfect tool to spread the mask evenly on our hair, Don’t we?

But not anymore this Bodyshop comb has a solution to all your problems. now evenly spreading your hair mask or oil is not going to be difficult at all. also, gone are the days where detangling your hair was a big deal for all the girls.

This comb is going to make your life easier, this comb has a wide tooth which ensures a smooth and also silky ride through your hair. You can use this comb for both dry and wet hair conditions.

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4. Simgin Comb Set - Wide Tooth Wooden Combs

Simgin Comb set- wide tooth wooden combs

Simgin comb set - wide tooth wooden combs - handmade rose and neem wood combs and 100% natural.

Have you ever wondered what could the best wooden comb for hair growth would be? If you have a similar question then I have the answer to this question of yours. This comb is definitely the answer.

This wooden comb will give you a journey like no other. This comb is made up of premium quality wood which ensures that there are absolutely no tangles in your hair, no snags, and also makes your hair rid of any kind of split-ends.

This comb will make your hair look absolutely static-free and will also make your hair look as fresh as ever. The comb is handcrafted which makes sure that your comb does not look like any other and so it gives you a personalized and a customized experience when this comb is delivered.

This comb comes in a very comfortable size which adds to the feature of this comb while making it portable. So now whenever you people travel, don’t forget to take these comb with you.

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5. Maaroosh Neem Wood Comb Set for Hair Growth & Hair Loss Control

Maaroosh neem wood comb set for hair growth & hair loss control.

Maaroosh neem wood comb set for hair growth & hair loss control. Natural, pure, organic, handcrafted, herbal, eco-friendly, anti-bacterial, dandruff remover & hair styling comb. Combo of all-purpose, fine tooth & wide teeth combs.

This unique style of the comb undoubtedly wins the “best wooden comb for hair growth award”.

Now you would think why am I addressing this comb as the best wooden comb for hair growth. the reasons are simple. this small cute comb is perfect for your daily routine. even if you are traveling, this comb is the perfect choice for you.

Since this comb is small enough, it’s portable you can even carry it in your pocket. the shape of this comb is very appealing. what makes it even more appealing is the use of neem which adds a beautiful aroma.

This comb can be used to effectively spread the hair throughout your hair. this comb will also ensure ample coverage and will definitely not leave any dry spots behind.

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6. Stylazo Anti-Hairfall And Anti-Dandruff Neem Wood Comb

Stylazo Anti-Hairfall And Anti-Dandruff Neem Wood Comb set

Stylazo anti-hair fall and anti-dandruff neem wood comb. Made up of 100 % natural neem wood. Controls hair fall and dandruff. 100% handmade anti-dandruff comb.

Neem Is known to be beneficial for so many purposes. It has so many healing properties. So imagine a  comb made up of neem would be so beneficial for your hair.

Now while combing our hair, one of our biggest fears is what if the plastic comb breaks or pulls our hair, Isn’t it?. Well, now you can get rid of that fear.

This neem wood comb has a very smooth and snag-free tooth. Also with this wooden comb, I can ensure you that you will have no losses at all since your hair will remain intact.

One more plus point of using this wooden comb is the refreshing neem’s fragrance. And because of the beautiful fragrance, your mind will feel stress less, while massaging your scalp.

Undoubtedly, oiling your hair becomes one of the main factors for your hair growth. With this comb, you get a hassle-free glide from the scalp to the roots.

Also, your blood circulation in the hair will also increase if you use any wooden comb.

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7. Healifty Handle Hair Massage Comb

Maaroosh neem wood comb set for hair growth & hair loss control.

Healifty handle hair massage comb with wooden bristles. High quality bamboo material with scientific design for durable and long-lasting use. Effectively decrease the hair friction for easy combing and prevent the problems of hair loss, split ends, brittle hair, and even dandruff, etc.

This wood comb by Healifty has ergonomic design for comfortable handle.

It’s lightweight and portable. Perfect hair comb choice for travels, business trips and other outdoor activities.

This comb is one of the best wooden handle comb with wooden bristles, you should make it essential to include this comb in your daily hair care routine.

 The wooden bristles of this comb give you a nice static-free styling and massages your scalp. If you have any dandruff or scalp disorders, every stroke of this comb will definitely heal all those problems.

This wooden comb ensures that your scalp remains healthy, also they are extremely healthy alternatives to all harmful plastic combs.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Wooden Combs

Yes, definitely wooden combs do help in hair growth. Since wooden combs improve the blood flow to your scalp, so this results in your hair follicles obtaining optimum nutrients. This is how wooden combs help in the growth.

I have given you a list of the best wooden combs for hair growth, you can choose any of them.

But just make sure if you really do care about your hair, please go ahead with a wooden comb only and not with plastic ones.

The natural wood fibers which are present in the wooden combs work as an excellent conditioner to your hair.

So as you comb, the natural oils present in your scalp shafts to all the ends of hair. So yes wooden combs are perfect for natural hair.

Not only wooden combs, but you should not use any combs on wet hair. The reason behind this is simple when your hair is wet, they are vulnerable to damage.

Also when your hair is wet the hair strands are soft and so even when combed gently, they result in breaking. hence you should not comb your hair while they are wet.


Woods are promoted for a reason. Now the obsession of people for a healthy hair regime begins with using combs, specifically wooden combs.

Wooden combs are promoted by many individuals. Females experience waist-length hair with the use of these wooden combs. Several men have also experienced hair growth on bald spots.

Wooden combs have many benefits. They are very gentle on their hair. Also, they naturally nourish your hair.

They encourage hair growth, prevent any kind of tangles and breakage, and so on. Wooden combs are extremely beneficial for your hair. So I would recommend that you should go ahead and get yourself a wooden comb right away.

I am sure you all have your favorite wooden comb brands, so do comment down your favorites.

I hope you found this article on best wooden combs for hair growth useful and if you have any suggestion regarding this article than do comment, I would love to read your suggestions.

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